10) Under Siege 2

No it isn’t as good as the original, but if you’re only going to watch one Die Hard movie on a train, this should be it.

9) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I don’t know if the second movie was actually better than the first, but I do know that I was surprised I enjoyed it so much.  To be perfectly honest, I had a very hard time getting into this new style of Sherlock Holmes film.  I went in expecting more “Elementary my dear Watson“, and less “Let’s become action heroes, Watson“.  Perhaps I just knew what to expect with the second film, but I had a lot of fun with it.

8) Rush Hour 2

I had just as much fun with the second Rush Hour film as I did with the original.  Chris Tucker isn’t working enough these days.  I know some find him annoying, but he really was hilarious teamed up with the legendaryJackie Chan.  And I don’t care what you think of Brett Ratner, the man gives a fantastic director’s commentary.

7) Blade 2

Perhaps this is the least surprising movie on the list because it was directed by Guillermo del Toro, but I really don’t think Blade 2 gets enough respect as an Action film.  With a great cast and a a few good story twists, Blade 2 is far more fun to revisit than the original.

6) Crank 2 : High Voltage

If ever there existed a live-action cartoon, this is it.  I can’t stress how ridiculous and over-the-top this movie is.  It doesn’t take itself seriously for a second, and it’s undoubtedly a film that you’ll never understand until you see it.  SO WATCH IT ALREADY!  I haven’t laughed this hard at something I didn’t understand in years.

5) Rambo 4

Technically, this movie is called only ‘Rambo‘, and it’s one of the few movies that I jumped online and purchased immediately after watching for the first time on pay-per-view.  Stallone’s low(er) budget 4th entry in the franchise is actually my favorite.  It’s a brutal unflinching look at a brutal unflinching country,  Burma (Myanmar), and it’s not to be missed.

4) Live Free or Die hard

Compared to the most recent entry in the Die Hard series, A Good Day to Die Hard, this film is Godfather 2.  It’s full of humor and action, and if you consider the first 2 films as one entry (as I do), then this is the 2nd best Die Hard film ever made.

3) The Expendables 2

This movie is exactly what I hoped the first Expendables would be.  It’s a bunch of my favorite action stars goofing around, blowing stuff up, and stealing each other’s one-liners.  If you wrote off this sequel after seeing the moderately entertaining original, then you’re missing out.

2) Jurassic Park 3

After Spielberg’s over-cooked, over-done, overly-long, overly-dumb sequel to one my favorite films of ALL TIME, I didn’t head into Jurassic Park 3 with much confidence.  What I got was an efficiently short, action thrill-ride with dinosaurs!  It isn’t as smart as the original, but it’s a lot of fun!

1) Men in Black 3

Boy, did this one catch me by surprise!  The original MiB was an incredibly inventive (and funny!) sci-fi comedy that was begging for a sequel.  Unfortunately, Men in Black 2 was one of those “be careful what you wish for” sequels.  It felt exactly like what it was — a completely unnecessary film that existed only to cash-in on the success of the original.  So imagine my surprise when I watch Men in Black 3 and find that it not only captures the magic of the original, but it does so with a genuinely heart-warming story and a magnificent performance by Josh Brolin.  I refuse to say anything further as not to spoil the fun.  Watch MiB3!  In 3D even!

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