Wow oh wow!!  The first full Fast and Furious 7 trailer has been released, and IT.IS.AWESOME.  I’m glad to say that the transition to live-action-cartoon is finally complete, as the trailer starts with the stars parachuting from an airplane… in cars!

The cast continues to grow, adding two of my all-time favorites:  Jason Statham and Kurt Russell.  If I named all of my favorite action movies (I really should put together that list), both of those guys would appear in many of them.  Fast and Furious 7 is now a Nick Cage cameo away from being the perfect action film!  (You hear that Stallone – add Cage to the Expendables!)

The late Paul Walker is featured prominently in the trailer, which makes it particularly sad when Vin Diesel closes the trailer by saying “I don’t have friends.  I have family.”  Cue close up of Paul Walker.  The series won’t be the same without him, but it also shows no signs of slowing.

Check out the trailer above, and join me on April 3rd, 2015 when Furious 7 hits the theaters.

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