I was thrilled to hear AMC had launched a new video streaming service catering solely to fans of horror movies, and when I saw there was a free 2-week trial I immediately signed up.

Initially I feared the limited catalog (just short of 300 films at the time of this writing) didn’t offer enough value for $4.99 monthly when compared to what Netflix offers for just a few dollars more. However, after using the service for a few weeks it has completely changed my perception. The value of having a smaller set of curated films, chosen by like-minded horror fans, is hard to measure. Compared to the needle-in-a-haystack method of finding something compelling on Netflix, give me a service like Shudder any day.  In fact, just give me Shudder.

Shudder currently offers 3 ways to watch its films: PC, Mobile, and Roku. I’ve watched at least one full film via each method, and everything works as expected. I have had occasional crash issues with the Android app, but it’s never happened while watching a film. The website is really slick, and I encourage everyone to at least check it out, perusing options and reading user comments and reviews. I love the way collections are sorted, and I am finding SO many films I would never have even heard of otherwise. My fingers are crossed for a Shudder app on both FireTV and next-gen game consoles (XBox One/PS4). If these become available, I know I’ll use the service even more frequently than I do now.

If you are a fan of horror movies, you owe it to yourself to check out the service.  With a 2-week free trial, what do you have to lose? I’m guessing, like me, you’ll still be a subscriber many weeks after your trial has expired.

I’m glad to answer any questions about the service.


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