I could write a detailed pedantic summary of this trailer, but I’ve opted instead to share my incoherent real-time reactions with you.

“Robo-Spader! Fat Iron Man! Hulk smash!  Fast douche!  Magic girl!  Goth Legolas! Black Widow on a Motorcycle!  Ballet?  OH SNAP, THE SHIELD!”

Overall, this sneak peak hints at an exciting but much darker story compared to the original Avengers.  In a dark warehouse somewhere in LA, Joss Whedon’s minions are clearing out space to make room for his next truckload of money.  I have no doubt it will be filled to capacity by the end of May 2015.

Watch it for yourself and share your impressions below.


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Rocky Road??

  • http://mastercritic.com/ Tim

    Awww man, Thor’s in it…

  • Justin

    Looks darker and grittier than the previous one… did Christopher Nolan get involved?

  • Sox

    The day they let Christopher Nolan make a Marvel movie is the day I stop watching Marvel movies.